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Posts Tagged: blackberry
Tháng sáu 9, 2011
RingZ – Vibrate&Ring while call connected

Do you call your contacts and then watch the screen while it rings till the time they pick it up? With “RingZ” from, your phone will vibrate or tone when the call is connected/disconnected so that you do not need to stare at the screen. Now you[…]

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Tháng giêng 19, 2011
SmartCalling Pro – BlackBerry® Assistant Software

SmartCalling that gives you a few extra options when it comes to making and receiving phone calls on your BlackBerry. If you remember similar applications like BerryBuzz and VibAndRing, you can consider this a lighter/free version.

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Tháng mười hai 1, 2010
Limitime – Control the time of the call

How often do you make a phone call out of bounds? If you frequently upset because his extreme chatting to spend pulse, maybe you can try this application. Limit Your Call Time, an application that helps you to set the time of the call.

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Tháng sáu 5, 2010

STOP spam phone calls and rejects unwanted callers. Block numbers even if they’re unknown or private. CallBarring is an application which detects incoming calls and rejects unwanted callers who are blacklisted and allows only callers in the whitelist to come through.

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