How often do you make a phone call out of bounds? If you frequently upset because his extreme chatting to spend pulse, maybe you can try this application.

Limit Your Call Time, an application that helps you to set the time of the call.

Limitime is very useful for users who share the phone with family or pre-paid mobile phone usage. Applications are available for free at App World allows you to set call time limit. You can choose to disconnect, to enable notification by sound or vibration as a way to limit the time of your call.

[[Config Screen]]

BlackBerry OS 5.0 or above

  1. Open Options Icon in Main Screen
  2. open Limitime

BlackBerry OS 6.0

  1. Open Options Icon in Main Screen
  2. choise menu Third Party Applications
  3. open Limitime


Limitime – Control the time of the call

Limitime v1.0

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