STOP spam phone calls and rejects unwanted callers. Block numbers even if they’re unknown or private.
CallBarring is an application which detects incoming calls and rejects unwanted callers who are blacklisted and allows only callers in the whitelist to come through.

Dành cho OS4.2 & OS 4.5:  callbarring2_0_en
Dành cho OS4.6: CallBarring3_0_en
Dành cho OS4.6 trở lên: CallBarring3_1_en



  • Add number from AdressBook.
  • Add number from dialog.
  • Free upgrade for all future updates.
  • Address book only rule.
  • Blacklist rule.
  • White list rule.
  • Create list from Blackberry’s address book and phone call log.
  • Silence. No phone vibrating or ringing.
  • Auto starts on system start.
  • Block History Manager

Read before installation This Call Blocker only works on OS 4.5 and Below. Won’t work on Bold or Storm.

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